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Meet Deb Davies

Hi, I'm Deb!

I’m an experienced acupuncturist and women’s health expert with a passion for pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Over the past 20 years, I’ve had the honor of supporting thousands of women, through the beautiful journey of fertility, pregnancy, and birth. I love to educate and empower expecting couples to have safe and healthy pregnancies, deliveries, and recoveries while offering natural options in healthcare. And, using acupuncture and Chinese medicine adds incredible healthcare options about which many folks are not yet aware. Most importantly, I help the couple choose what feels right for them—no matter what their individual situation may be with the pregnancy or the baby—their bodies, their birth, their way!


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Visit Deb at PUSH San Diego, her Integrative Medical Practice in the heart of San Diego. 

Acupuncture CEU classes  for working with pregnancy, labor and birth for enhancing your practice and career. ⁣

Prepare for an optimal birth experience through Deb’s signature online birth programs. 

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